Why newborn photography?

Every day your baby grows and changes, before you know it, weeks and months will pass, and you will see them enter a new stage of their growth journey. Newborn portraits will allow your family to continue to cherish and revisit these incredibly beautiful moments for years to come. The confusion of the first few sleepless weeks to endure is exactly why newborn photos are so important. Newborn photography is a must!

Using a professional for your newborn photography is another must as they will be confident and knowledgeable about the poses. Newborn photographs take on a lot of education and initial investment in props, equipment and lighting. You simply cannot replicate the same quality portrait with your iPhone camera. As in other industries, you can find photographers offering newborn photography on many different levels. But you would be hard-pressed to find many parents who regret making the decision to invest in newborn photos of their children. After a newborn photo session, your might feel tired and exhausted as the sessions tend to be long. An average session time is 3 hours. However it will be worth this physical and financial sacrifice when you and your grown son/daughter will be looking at how tiny he/she was as a newborn.

It is important to understand the risks of newborn photography and to find the right newborn photographer for you and your baby. Risks can be equipment failure or photographer negligence or simply an accident. As long as you do your research and pick a reputable photographer, the experience should be easy and entertaining. It is actually pretty interesting and kind of cool to watch how photographers work with newborn babies.

There are many costs involved in taking professional newborn photographs. These costs and therefore prices can vary between photographers. If you can find a photographer you like for both maternity and newborn sessions, the experience will be better for everyone. This way you can get to know your photographer before either of you meet the baby! You can ask her about professional experience, training, and education and get an overall sense of how your newborn session is going to go. One more point about prices - I would consider newborn photography as an investment and treat it as such by picking the right photographer for the job.

I hope you take the leap and invest in newborn photography for your baby. You might enjoy the experience just as much as you'll enjoy having those precious moments of your new life captured in photographs.