Why newborn baby photography?

From two weeks onwards, babies tend to start spending more time awake, unwinding, stretching and growing. Although photographers of all kinds know that it's difficult to plan a photo shoot down to the last minute, you should always allow extra time when it comes to planning a newborn baby photography session. Babies who needed more time in the NICU are happiest being photographed during the week 3 to week 5 window as well.

By booking a session for a week after the mother's due date, parents and photographer can be sure to capture images of that fleeting newborn magic. Imagine walking past your child and looking at a collection of their photographs and telling them how much you fell in love with them, and enjoying the images of their newborn session together.  If you've ever done a newborn photo shoot, you'll know that the experience was well worth it and the photos you got from it are likely hanging on your walls at home.

The rise of newborn photo shoots also coincided with the celebrity-driven glamorization of pregnancy and babies, from Demi Moore naked and belly on the cover of Vanity Fair, to Brad and Angelina lounging with Shiloh in her room on the cover of People. 

Newborn photography is about capturing those precious moments of the beginning of a new life. Because the time frame for newborn sessions is so short, it is best to book a date before the baby is born. It's better to have extra time at the end of the session than to have captured fewer photos than you expected because you weren't expecting a fussy newborn.