Where to buy props for newborn photography?

Props can enhance newborn photography and add a creative and personal touch. From wraps and baskets to seasonal props and parent inspired items, newborn photography props add variety and interest. If you are a beginner newborn photographer, use props that the baby can be easily placed in. Even props that look sturdy can become unbalanced if the newborn decides to slip out of its wrap.

You can start out by buying a beanbag. Newborn beanbags tend to be a little better for posing because they are stiffer and use a waterproof fabric. For the beanbag you will need wraps, and blankets at the very least and maybe a couple of matching headbands. Lots of props shops online sell these items in layer packs. Layer packs are perfectly coordinated pieces that complement each other and help make planning your newborn photography sessions easier. You may want to get a few heavy bowls and buckets. These props can be safe for babies if you use them correctly.

There are a ton of adorable handmade newborn photography accessories including premium flokati fur rugs, backdrops, stretchy knitted baby wraps, studio sets, crocheted and knitted newborn hats and trousers, lace wraps and fabric ruffles, wooden branch nests, baby cocoons and bowls, swaddle sacks, hanging hammocks, travel backdrop holders, headbands and much more. Stuffed animals can be ideal for completing a newborn photo prop theme and coordinating with other props. There are dozens of photo props that are safe even for new photographers who are not yet ready to master newborn composition.

Here are our picks for the best baby photography props:

  • Prop vendors - online and local.
  • Fabric stores - local is best so you can feel the fabric before purchase.
  • Trade shows - local trade shows are bomb! Tons of unique stuff can be found at these local events.
  • also check out department and accessories stores for inexpensive scarves.

Some of our favorite online retailers:

  •  Intuition Backgrounds by Becky - this shop comes highly recommended by Kelly Brown
  • Freebirdshoppe.com - this shop has awesome wraps and backdrops!
  • Etsy - for obvious reasons we love Etsy however starting to notice a lot more not so "handmade" stuff on the platform anymore.
  • Amazon - if you need something quick Amazon delivers Prime orders in two days. 
  • Ali-Express - If you are on the budget and don't mind waiting you could get some cute stuff from this China-based vendor.