when to book newborn photographs?

You've made it through the first trimester with your. Start with a simple Google search and you'll see who the best newborn baby photographers are in your area. If your baby is more than two weeks old, talk to your photographer about conventional family and baby photos (rather than a newborn photo shoot). If your newborn baby has arrived early, the 3-5 week mark is actually the perfect time to have your professional newborn photo shoot.

There are many newborn photographers out there, but if you have found one you like, don't wait too long and then be disappointed when, unfortunately, they can't take care of you. New parents keep calling me asking if it's too late to have a newborn session and wondering if they should wait until their newborn baby reaches their next milestone. Every photographer has a different "sweet spot" for the ages of newborns they prefer to photograph, and many photographers will refuse to book a newborn posing session after a certain age. However, when it is convenient for new parents, I suggest they schedule their newborn photography session between the ages of 5 to 10 days.

These two things make sleepy and curly newborn poses comfortable for your baby and mean they are likely to be settled and relaxed throughout the session. Before we look at when to book the session, it may be helpful to explain the best time to do newborn photography. Here are 13 newborn photography questions that every parent in The Main Line and Bucks County asks, including when to book, what to wear and how to select the perfect newborn photographer.