When newborn photography?

Because the timeline for newborn sessions is so short, it's best to book a date before your baby is born. Newborn photo sessions can capture those elusive first attempts at a smile or your baby's wonderfully content sleep. To capture your newborn in adorable curly poses, newborn photos should be taken between five and twelve days after birth. Read, 5 ways to prepare for your newborn session, to learn more about how to lay the groundwork for a comfortable and stress-free experience, and have faith that we will create amazing images, even if they are not the curly newborn poses you first imagined.

This time suggestions specifically refers to POSED newborn photography; the type of photography where the baby is curled up in adorable and intricate poses on props or beautiful backdrops. Other photographers may also offer a different type of session for older newborn babies, where they focus on poses that are appropriate once the baby is more alert and less flexible. If you have to bring an older newborn baby for a newborn session you should plan on being photographed as well. Older newborn babies are likely to be wide awake during the photo session, so family photos taken together will not only help comfort your older newborn, but those family photos that capture the connection between parents and siblings and the new family member will be cherished for many years to come.

So, in short, if your baby is over two weeks old, you will not have missed the opportunity for a posed newborn photo shoot. That's why some photographers insist (and most prefer) to photograph newborns within the first two weeks. These newborn photos will remain timeless in your family's history and will be cherished by loved ones for years to come.