What lens should i use to photograph a newborn?

You need the right equipment to get those perfect pictures of your little one, but it can be difficult to know which lens is best for the job. 24-70mm lens for newborn photography is perfect because it is a versatile lens that is suitable for newborn photography as well as family and landscape photography. You don't need to buy a new lens if you just have a 50mm lens. That is a good standard lens that works for just about any photography genre. The lens can also produce a beautiful bokeh, resulting in a blurred background, which is very attractive for newborn photographers.

The Canon EF 85mm f1.2 L II for newborn photography is probably one of the best portrait lenses you can get today. Speaking of the best lens for newborn photography for an affordable price, I recommend this lightweight lens with excellent ergonomics. This lens is the best choice for lifestyle newborn photography as it offers exceptional performance. But this lens does come at a higher price. 

There are a lot of newborn photography lenses on the market at the moment, with attractive prices. Ideally, If you want to become a professional newborn photographer, you will need a medium telephoto, wide angle, macro and 50mm prime lens. 

So to recap, for photographing babies and newborns, an 85mm lens is ideal for shooting individual portraits in close-up, and also for photographing the parents with the baby in their arms. However, nifty 50 would work just fine too. The ultimate recommendation though is 24-70mm as it covers most popular focal lengths. So, if you want to take beautiful images of your newborn babies or family members, try using what you already have. I highly recommend a macro lens too. Macro can capture more of those details like little feet, lashes, and lips. More experienced shooter using a macro lens gives you more variety of images at the end of the session. You will find the bokeh of this lens is very smooth, and it creates a nice background for your photos.