What is newborn photography?

The Newborn Milestone collection offers you images of your baby and your family from birth to one year of age, all wrapped up in a beautiful bespoke book and a professional video that tells the story of baby's first year. All professional photography involves a multitude of skills and newborn photography is no different, with one very important exception. However, getting a great photo of siblings and baby during a newborn photography session can be a challenge. The comfort and safety of the baby should be paramount to you, as the newborn photographer, which is also why you should always work with an assistant.

Since newborns need to be kept warm, outdoor temperatures can make this difficult - even in the hottest states. A good posed newborn photo session should be done when the baby is only a few weeks old, as most of the time they are still quite sleepy. Most newborn photographers will have a collection of wooden backdrops that encompass both white, medium and dark looks. Newborns are superbly soft, pliable and supple at less than ten days old, which, coupled with the fact that they are sound asleep, makes them perfect for softly posing in those adorable positions that parents love so much.

What will set you apart as a newborn photographer will never be the amazing set-up you design, but how well you pose and how comfortable your baby is in the images. Or maybe you are a professional photographer who wants to make a foray into the field of newborn photography. If you have children, you probably remember that newborns sleep a lot, at least during the day, and seem to be able to sleep through most of it as well. Although not common, there are some newborn photographers in warmer states who will photograph newborns outdoors.

Knowing how to properly soothe, handle and hold a baby is an absolute requirement of any professional newborn photographer.