What accessories are needed for newborn photography?

Always ask parents beforehand about any significant props they want to bring on their own for a newborn photo. Almost all newborn photo sessions include at least one pose with a swaddle and it also works well to add family members into the shots to safely hold the baby. As mentioned with candy, consider other holiday elements that can work in your newborn photography props. Finally, remember that the newborn photography prop should not take the focus entirely away from the baby.

On the contrary, nude newborn baby photos require placing the baby's legs in the perfect position, photographing from creative angles, or cropping certain parts of the newborn image. Slings are essential for many of the classic newborn poses, such as the taco pose, the Huck Finn pose or the swaddle pose. Wraps, blankets, swaddles, bowls and baskets help create colorful and beautiful photographic images of newborns. Thanks to the numerous newborn photography prop vendors, you can own as many wraps in as many colors as you want.

When considering which newborn baby props to invest in, the first thing to think about is the style your clients are asking for. In newborn photography, blankets can be used as a traditional blanket, as a rug or as a layer between the baby and the posing elements. You also want to make sure that the props you pick are versatile and can serve many newborns yet still provide slightly different images. The cheapest option of newborn props are headbands. You may want to decorate your newborn baby girl with a beautiful floral headband and keep the rest of the setup clean.

Wooden crates often lend a bohemian feel to newborn photos and are easy and convenient to fill with baby toys or soft blankets for your little one to sleep comfortably and safely. Newborn hats often have some kind of embroidered detail or pendant, or extra long bows, making the newborn baby girl photo with bows special. They are also great for laying a naked baby face down or for a sibling to sit with the newborn. There are so many options out there but the key takeaways is to not overspend in the beginning. Acquire these props over the months and years in your career and don't stress over how much more stuff another photographer has. Try to remember that for every parent its all about their baby and not all the props so make sure that your baby is the "hero" of the photo (like Kelly Brown calls it).