The best place to buy accessories for newborn photography?

Always ask parents beforehand about any significant props they want to bring on their own for a newborn photo. Swaddles soothe the newborn (most babies enjoy being well swaddled), but they can also add a quick splash of color, texture and visual interest. Even accessories that seem sturdy can become unbalanced if the newborn decides to squirm out of their swaddle. If you're concerned about finding eco-friendly newborn accessories, simply type "eco-friendly newborn photography accessories" into Amazon and you'll find a wide variety of products.

Start small and try to invest in accessories that offer a lot of versatility, whether as newborn accessories or for props at milestone or infant photography sessions. Try woven wool rugs. They are fluffy and thick and work perfectly as a backdrop for newborn photography. Whether photographing a boy or a girl, or shooting in natural light or studio light, Anna Bauman Photography uses props to make every scene more magical.

Be sure to look online for bean bags for posing newborns, because a normal bean bag is usually not flat on top and could submerge the baby. High-quality, baby-safe props are expensive, which means that newborn photographers have to charge more to cover their investment. After all, you can have all the best photography equipment in the world, but without a few extra baby props, your photos will look boring and predictable, especially when photographing newborns. Also, don't be afraid to look through garage sales and get your friends involved asking them to pick up any epic finds they think could work for a newborn photography session.

In newborn photography, blankets can be used as a traditional blanket, as a rug or as a layer between the baby and the posing elements. From swaddles and baskets to seasonal props and parent-inspired items, newborn photography props add variety and interest. Wooden crates often lend a bohemian feel to newborn photos and are easy and convenient to fill with baby toys or soft blankets for the little one to sleep comfortably and safely.

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