Is newborn photography safe?

The following are some of the things to consider when looking for a newborn photographer who will put your baby's comfort and safety first, while still achieving beautiful and exquisite images. A photographer trained in safety will have no trouble making it on your list. Every photographer should focus on the importance of keeping your newborn safe while your photographer works to achieve gallery-worthy photographs. However you as a parent can help make things safer for everyone. Always insist on holding the newborn's head and pose the newborn so that there is no tension in the neck unless the photographer have an assistant that is helping him or her.

A newborn's bones are made entirely or partially of cartilage; over time, the cartilage is replaced by more solid bone. These cartilage is soft and flexible so that the newborn can grow, but it also means that unnatural poses can affect bone growth. Always keeping that in the back of the head, gentle slower movements while posing babies is preferred. 

All newborn photographers are advised to use safe practices when posing babies in risky positions. But here are some of the top safety tips I like to keep in mind for each of my newborn photography sessions

  • Take extra caution when pets and toddlers are involved in the photo session. Everyone should try to remain calm and very careful around the newborn. The safest position with a dog of any size is for a parent to cradle the newborn in their arms and let the dog come close to sniff the newborn.
  • When attempting risker poses like froggy frog - always be nearby and support the baby's head.
  • Never leave baby unattended on the posing table or in the prop.

Unsafe sleeping positions are just one of the many concerns experts have when it comes to newborn photo shoots. If you are fairly new to this newborn photography thing you should take the time to educate yourself in newborn safety. There are plenty of classes out there for newborn photographers. And if you are a parent and have any safety concerns or questions do not hesitate to ask your local newborn photographer.