In which week should i take the newborn photos?

I see a lot on newborn photographers' websites state that their photos should be taken within XYZ days. This is true for when you are looking to have posed newborn photos done. The blog post referenced in my last sentence will give you an idea of all different types of newborn photography so be sure and check it out! Because there is not as much posing to do, many photographers offer newborn lifestyle photography sessions up to six or even eight weeks after the baby is born. So the answer to the question is not a straight one - it depends on the style you are going for. Of course, the earlier the better simply because newborn babies change so quickly. So as a newborn photographer myself I would urge you to get newborn photos taken within first two weeks. It is really awesome that you are considering getting these photos taken though! One day, your baby will be old enough to look back at his/her newborn photos and their reaction will be just as special as yours.

So what happens when you've missed this two-week window - have your chances of getting some great posed photographs of your new baby gone? Normally, when a baby is two weeks old or younger, they spend long periods of time sleeping and naturally like to spend time in the curled up position, which also makes them comfortable in newborn photographic poses. Once they are a little older, it becomes more difficult to pose them in those cute curled up poses everyone loves so much. They become more alert and less sleepy, which, in turn, can mean a longer session and limited amount of poses. So why is this two-week window so important, and what changes on day fifteen that makes posed newborn photography challenging? Although I personally will photograph a baby at almost any age, I still recommend that you book as early as possible to ensure you have the option of sweet, curly newborn portraits. Don't be discouraged by the timing though, as you should still schedule a newborn session, even if two weeks have passed. Yes, you can do newborn photos after two weeks, but you will have to opt for different poses and concepts. 

New parents keep calling me asking if it's too late to do a newborn session and wonder if they should wait until their newborn baby reaches their next milestone. Chances are that every website they read talks about the two week or ten day window, as that is the preferred time for newborn photography, and the best time to get the kind of work you see on Pinterest. I tell my clients to just come in as soon as possible and not worry about if its too late. Precious photos of your newborn even at 3 weeks new is better then none! In terms of sleep, I would argue this a lot as I have photographed 3 day old newborns and none of them have slept very well. This is a perfect example of doing the newborn session a little later and waiting for the family to adjust to breastfeeding and life in general. So if you think its too late, don't be discouraged to call up your local newborn photographer and see if they have any immediate availability. 

For example, a Pittsburgh photographer Anna Bauman specializes in classic and authentic maternity photography, newborn photography, baby photography, child photography, teen photography and family photography. Ideally, parents schedule a newborn photography session with her during the second or early third trimester to get on the calendar, and weeks 1-8 of a newborn's life are optimal for capturing the essence of the youngest babies. She often has spots available last minute and is flexible with her clients on time and location of the photo sessions.

In conclusion, if you are thinking about getting your newborn photographed professionally, do it as quickly as possible after the birth of the baby, with 8-15 days being absolute ideal time. If you waited to book your session until your baby arrived, it might be difficult to find a photographer on short notice, however you should absolutely try - there are plenty of professionals out there and I am positive you will succeed.