how to pose in newborn photography?

Below I will share my flow of perfect poses for newborn photography, along with instructions on how I achieve each pose and how I move from one pose to another. Occasionally, however, I photograph a very active newborn baby, or an "older newborn who refuses to cooperate". Usually, if a newborn becomes restless, I swaddle him and feed him; that's usually all he needs to calm down. These types of props for newborn photography are always a good idea, as they hide private parts and skin defects.

For this pose, start with the newborn on its tummy and then gently lay it on its side, letting the baby rest on its side arm while crossing its legs. I want to develop a good variety and, if the newborn shoot goes well, perhaps try a new pose or a new prop set-up. Another way to add texture and interest to a newborn photo shoot is to use flowers and foliage. Once I'm done with the full body shoot, I take the outfit off and get a few more natural newborn poses.

This way you don't have to pull the newborn's head out of the new pose you want to photograph while putting on a new hat. There are hundreds of colour options, but most newborn photographers use neutral colours such as bone, beige, mocha, chestnut and grey. Also, many parents feel that they need to tidy up their home before a newborn photography session at home. The baby doesn't understand what you want to do and can behave quite capriciously, so it's up to you to learn how to pose a newborn and organise a photo shoot properly.

I don't think I need to remind you that, whatever you plan to do, the safety of the newborn must come first. Posing a subject is a skill that many photographers consider a challenge in itself, but posing a newborn can be downright terrifying for some. When a newborn is sleeping in a cube, I always make sure to have a parent or assistant within arm's reach, just in case the baby decides to wake up and move out of its safe and comfortable pose. These positions are especially useful for beginners and those who have difficulty deciding which newborn positions to adopt.