How to photograph a newborn baby?

Not only do you have to be a great photographer, but you also have to understand all the different aspects of newborn photography. Any experienced newborn photographer will know exactly what positions will be comfortable for a baby and how to gently move them so they don't wake up. And sometime they still wakeup and that is what makes the session last a bit longer. An average newborn session is 3 hours with a professional newborn photographer.

However, if you would like to attempt photographing your newborn at home there are few tips to consider:

  • Make sure your baby is comfy and well fed before you attempt to pose him/her.
  • Get as close as you can to a window - make sure the light is soft. Overcast days are best.
  • Dress your babe in the outfit you picked out and place him/her on a sturdy but soft surface that is covered with some type of pretty and stretchy blanket. Clip the blanket on all sides to avoid capturing wrinkles of it.
  • When posing your baby make sure not to attempt any risky poses - stick to only natural poses like baby on back, or side pose.
  • Keep the baby's head towards the light, to achieve the shadow that are flattering to a newborn baby.
  • When photographing your baby try not to shoot "up the nostrils" of the baby - this is not flattering. Instead try to elevate your baby's head slightly higher than his/her body and photograph from directly above until you do not see any nostrils in your shot.
  • Edit your photo in programs like photoshop or Photopea (free online editing tool.)

Although not common, nude baby photos are the classic newborn photos where the baby is posed on a cloth on a firm surface. I would avoid this unless you are letting a professional photographer attempt these poses.

I hope I could provide new parents with some tips that I have learned in my own work photographing newborns so that they can take their own photos. You can either pose your baby or do a lifestyle session. Personally, I value both types of newborn photography styles, so I approach it as a newborn posing session, but I use the breaks between poses to get my newborn lifestyle shots.