How much does a newborn photo shoot cost?

The price of baby photography can vary greatly by region (and even by zip code). When hiring a newborn photographer, you need to consider all that goes into this craft instead of focusing on the costs alone. Ideally a well trained photographer is what you want to look for when it comes to newborn photography. High quality newborn photographers charge well over $700 and even $1000. Again this is just a range and it varies greatly. 

A photographer just starting out or doing photography as a side business to their main job will not have as much flexibility as a dedicated newborn photographer who operates their studio as their main business. Of course, someone who is starting out will not be able to deliver the most amazing work however it will be cheaper and sometimes even free. I know when I started out I was doing what we call "model calls" where I would try to do the entire session practicing what I have learned taking a newborn photography class.

When breaking down the actual costs involved with newborn photography, one of the initial costs will be sitting or session fees.  Most photographers charge a client a session fee upfront to reserve the session in their calendars. This pays for all the things that go into setting up a newborn session. For example, in Pittsburgh, where I live, I have seen sessions fees vary between $100 to $400. The next thing you would most likely be faced with paying is for the actual digital images. Some photographers have flat fees that include a certain number of digital images and some do not. Some photographers sell photography products.

Often photographers do not list their exact prices on their websites and you have to contact them for price sheets. I am not a huge fan of this because I, at least, want to know up front the approximate amount that I might spend on something like this. I really like this Pittsburgh photographer price structure. Notice and the end she states the average customer spend is a certain amount.

I also noticed that in this industry prices tend to be lower for lifestyle newborn photography. This is most likely because the baby is not put in a variety of props, blankets, and wraps. This type of newborn photography is ideal for parents who would like to keep things simple, stay in the comfort of their home, or those who do not have a particularly high budget. 

As you can see there are many different styles of newborn photography and the cost can vary greatly. To choose the right photographer for you I would write down a list of things you want to get out of the session. Ask yourself these questions:

Why do I want professional photos done of my newborn? Is it just for social media or do I want to print a nice big canvas of my baby or the whole family right above my fireplace? If so what would it look like? Would I want it all colorful with lots of flowers or do I want neutral colors and minimal distractions? Will my baby ask me "Why in the world would you put me in a bowl?" when he grows up?

Newborn poop can stain, and sometimes things can't be washed by hand and need to be thrown away and replaced. Many parents organize a newborn photo session to help commemorate the birth of their child, but not everyone knows how much a newborn photo session should cost. As you move forward in your search for a newborn photographer, keep these thoughts in mind as you look at their pricing. 

I'm sure you've all noticed that the price of newborn photography far exceeds what photographers are usually paid for their regular family sessions. As you can see, there is no easy answer to how much newborn photography costs, as each photographer will give you something different, and this will be reflected in their price. Although there are many talented photographers behind the lens who can take beautiful pictures, it takes training and experience to handle a newborn, pose them confidently and make sure they are happy and content at all times.

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