Do newborn photographers provide props?

Often the best props for newborn photography are those provided by the parents. My advice is to take some images with props provided by the family. Many newborn photographers have props clients can use. Although this is quickly going out of style, in my opinion, photographers often put babies in bowls, baskets, and buckets. These props aren't cheap and you'll need to look for a seasoned newborn photographer in your area that would have variety of those in his/her studio. Most of us who start out in newborn photography genre acquire props over time because costs associate with all the camera gear, lighting and education add up quickly. 

If you want to bring your own props to help replicate an inspiration photograph you saw on Pinterest, you could ask your photographer if he/she would be okay with it. Couple of things to consider when making your own props:

  • Make sure the prop is solid and sturdy.
  • It needs to be big enough to fit your newborn but not too big. When working with deep buckets, be sure to use weights inside the newborn prop to ensure that the prop will not tip over with the baby inside. 
  • It needs to be soft. For example, line the hard crate with lots of fur or fluffy fabrics.
  • The outer edge of the prop needs to be completely covered so that the skin of the baby does not come in contact with any metal or wood from the prop.
  • Consider the whole scene. What will the backdrop be? Is it going to be fabric or wood? What color and size?

As you can see every detail matters when it comes to photographing newborns. This is precisely why newborn photography exist as a separate genre and tends to be the focus of many photographers.

Wraps, blankets, swaddles, ribbons, stuffed animals, and headbands all help to create colorful and beautiful newborn portraits. That's why everything you use in your photo setup should be well placed and adjusted, for example backdrop support, diffusers and reflectors. Stuffed animals can be great for finishing a newborn photography prop theme and coordinating with other props. Sometimes you also need some helpful behind-the-scenes items to make your photography session run smoothly. When it comes to producing great newborn photography images, creative newborn photography props and ideas can be the difference between an amateur photo and a high quality, professional photo.