Do hospitals have photographers for newborns?

Newborn hospital photographers photograph babies and their families before they are discharged from hospital, capturing the first hours and days of a baby's life. With the right equipment, training, credentials and experience, a career as a newborn hospital photographer can be very rewarding. Not all hospitals offer photography services, but most large hospitals or those that are part of a larger network do. Photography is becoming increasingly popular and there are many choices of newborn photographers.

Every new family is offered a free photo session that takes place in the hospital room itself. In my experience, you will get higher quality photos of your baby if you choose to hire a local photographer and you will also have much more flexibility in terms of the type of photos and poses you can get.

Each new mother is offered a free photo session that takes place directly in her hospital room; parents and siblings are encouraged to participate to create a beautiful family experience. You may be able to look up who your hospital's photography company is so you can see their work on their website. In my opinion, hiring a photographer for your hospital newborn session is equivalent to hiring your wedding photographer. When you go to do your own photos in the hospital, having a loose "photo plan" will also help you a lot. After the hospital session typically all sales are done through the corporate office and can be mailed.

Lots of photographers offer what is called "Fresh 48" and can meet you there at the hospital to capture the experience for you. Or they could meet you at your home within first 48 hours of the baby's life. You can find more information on different types of newborn baby photography from the pros.