at what age should newborn photography be done?

For newborn photography, I recommend 7-10 days after your due date, or baby's six-week milestone. Many parents have been unable to have a professional newborn photography session due to closure restrictions in their city or have been hesitant to take their newborn baby to a studio they were unfamiliar with. The great news is that it's never too late to have professional images of your newborn baby and although typical newborn sessions take place around the time your newborn is 6-14 days old, I photograph newborn babies of all ages. This is specifically discussed when it comes to POSED newborn photography; the kind that has the baby all cute and cuddly in adorably intricate poses in props or beautiful backdrops.

So, my mum DOES care about photos, she's just the kind of person who likes to keep the images in boxes or photo albums rather than putting them on the wall for all to see. If you've found yourself looking for a newborn photographer after the two week window, you may feel like you're the only one who's missed out, but you're definitely not alone. While I personally will photograph a baby at almost any age, I still recommend booking as early as possible to make sure you have the option of sweet, curly newborn portraits. So in short, if your baby is over two weeks old, you can't miss the opportunity to have a posed newborn photo session.

New parents, family members and friends are always very surprised when they find out how small a baby has to be to star in their newborn photos. The newborn photo session will be easier if the baby is less fussy and has a consistent feeding schedule. However, don't be discouraged by the time, as you should schedule a newborn session even if it has been two weeks. Yes, you can do newborn photos after two weeks, but you will have to opt for different poses and concepts.

They may not be the elaborately posed montages, but they will capture beautiful portraits of your baby and give the family images to treasure forever. I love photographing the looks of excitement when a toddler gets to cuddle their newborn brother or sister. So, if your ultimate goal is to capture the tiniest, softest, cuddliest newborn, it's best to schedule a photo session before the second week. If your newborn has arrived early, the 3-5 week mark is actually the perfect time to do your professional newborn photography session.

As these changes occur, the likelihood increases that your baby will not be able to handle some of the poses and will spend a greater proportion of the session awake.