Are newborn photos worth it?

London portrait photographer offering professional and natural baby photography, family portraits, newborn and family photography. Most sessions where the photographer specialises in posed photography will last between 2.5 and 4 hours, sometimes more, depending on the number of different poses and colour schemes the photographer works with. No doubt you want to take the photos yourself, but posed newborn photos are meant to be "art and to be shown, not just on Facebook". You will enjoy the newborn photos over the years, as your children grow up, more than the day you get them.

I prefer the lifestyle photos where we look at him, feed him, daddy sleeps with him on his chest, etc. This should give you confidence about the safety aspects of handing your child over to a photographer. A newborn photo session with them is likely to cost more, as their cost to provide it to you will be higher. I hope that by delving into these issues you have a better understanding of why I personally value newborn photos and have increased your knowledge of all the nuances that go along with a newborn session.

I have been a specialist baby and family photographer since 2003 and work across London, throughout the UK and Europe. Newborn photographers are always updating their props so that each new client can have unique photos. Usually the well-known photographers are quite busy, so it takes them a while to edit the photos, especially if you have chosen one of the top packages which include large framed prints and albums. It's not pretty, despite being well photographed I thought my baby was the cutest thing in the world at the time.

All photographers have packages to suit everyone, from a couple of edited photos that are emailed digitally to a variety of options such as 50 edited photos, framed prints and albums.