Are newborn photo shoots worth it?

Many people are not even aware of the existence of newborn photography, nor how important it is to save these special first moments. It is always worth taking professional newborn photography photos, not only because of the experience, equipment and the photographer's artistic eye. The 3 hours you will spend on your newborn photo shoot will give you a lifetime of joy and pleasure. Some families who undergo a newborn photo session opt for a second session at around 6-10 months, when their baby can sit up unaided but is not yet crawling. Therefore, if you think you will be doing a second, or even a third, photo session later in the year, I suggest you schedule a newborn photo session, as you will have a more complete record of your baby's first year. If you've googled this question, you are probably on the fence on the topic of newborn photography and I understand that completely. My husband and I didn't have newborn photos done by a professional, but only because I am a photographer myself and I was able to capture my baby's first days, weeks, months in my own style and exactly how I envisioned it. If I wasn't a photographer - I would absolutely find a professional in this field and got those precious first portraits done. I cannot wait to show all these portraits to my daughter when she is older.

I think it's time to address these issues and get to the bottom of why I see the value of newborn photos, and why I firmly believe that all families should have them. Many mums are unwilling to go out for the first few weeks with a newborn baby and don't want to travel miles to the studio. That is perfectly understandable! However, lots of professionals will travel to your home with all their equipment, props and lighting prepped and ready to give you those awesome portraits of your family right from the living room of your home. It would be a shame to miss this opportunity. It's amazing how much a tiny newborn can transform into a little person with a big personality by their first birthday. My daughter is almost 15 months and I look back at her newborn portraits and can hardly recognized her now - she has changed tremendously. You may have decided that you would like to capture those first days with your iPhone. If you decided to DIY this process - DO IT! Research best light scenarios, angles, poses and camera settings. Then, go ahead and buy a precious outfit (or two or three) and just take those photos yourself. You can edit any imperfections online with tools like Photopea. It works awesome if you are looking to correct skin tones and get rid of little pimples and other temporary imperfections. Best part is - its absolutely free to edit your photos with this online tool. 

So regardless of how you want to go about taking portraits of your new little life - I strongly encourage you to get it done! I always recommend professionals to be hired for newborn photography as they are trained and already have everything you could possible want/need to be able to take stunning photos of your newborn. Paying for this service to be done for you is less stressful and almost always guarantee a great result. So go ahead and call up your local newborn photographer and check out the rates - you may be glad you did.